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Monday 24th of October 2016

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accueil maison d'hote marseille
The San Marco room, under the rooftops...

Chambre San Marco
Chambre San Marcocôté lit
Chambre San Marco
Chambre San Marco
Chambre San Marco

You will have to make a last little effort to attend the most romantic room of all, with its exclusive access and the pleasure of its roof window, through which you will be able to admire the stars and the most beautiful Marseilles nights. Do not be surprised if seagulls and birds fly over your delicious room... You will not be able to resist the charm of the ancient beams or even the clarity and luminosity of our Provence sky in our “San Marco Suite”. With its incurved ceilings, this room is the biggest one we have. The bed, prepared in a matrimonial fashion (180x200cm) can transform itself into two separate beds (90x200cm). The adjacent bathroom has a “ship deck” teak floor. It is lightened up by a well-placed window. A dressing and separate toilets are available for you outmost comfort and intimacy. Individual air conditioning is provided in order for you to be completely independent during your stay. The room is fully equipped with free flat-screen television and Wifi. The advantage of the San Marco Suite: the calm and peacefulness, the roof window to admire the stars, the dimensions and intimacy of the room, the very big bed 180x200cm. To be booked in advance...




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4 San Marco room
Welcome to our home

The perfect welcome:

You will be greeted by a sincere smile, the smile of Danielle Scemama who is preparing, with great care, the “Chambres de Jeannette” (Jeannette, her second name, which is also the second name of her maternal grandmother and her daughter Cécile).

Just like herself, the décor is laid-back; the place is full of life, colourful and cosmopolitan. Only one thing counts here: to make you feel at ease and offer you the chance of having an unforgettable stay in Marseilles...


accueil Born in Marseilles, Danielle has now lived in this area for over 35 years and will share with you the passion she has for her city. Her personality is that of an experienced and professional traveller who has been travelling the world ever since her adolescence, forever curious of discovering the good places and transmitting them to you with joy and simplicity.

Advantage of the easy house:

Your room will be accessible at any time by an independant entrance.


our commitment


Nous nous engageons à vous servir au mieux. C'est pour cela que notre établissement dispose de l'agrément "Chambre d'hôte" avec 3 clés